Model Spotlight Interview With Marvieon

Name: Marvieon Wilson

City / State: Richmond California

Social Media: @marvie_themodel

Ethnicity: Black

Status: Single

Age: 22

Height: 5’3

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34B, 24, 28

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Hyphy Culture - What do you do for a living?

Marvieon - I’m a phlebotomists/ model

Hyphy Culture - So how did you get started?

Marvieon - I began modeling in 2017 doing small photoshoots & walking in Trapxart fashion shows.

Hyphy Culture - Who do you look up to?

Marvieon - My mom because she’s so strong and genuine, also my big cousin Chalie Hustle because he’s a visionary and innovator just like me.

Hyphy Culture - What are your views about the world today?

Marvieon - I believe that the government is trying to kill us off and they’re using us as test dummies. The Economy is all messed up, the earth is dying,police brutality and racism is out of hand and has always been. But I feel we need to make the best out of our lives in the mist of this crazy world, be healthy, make smart / wise decisions , invest, be positive and don’t lose yourself.

Hyphy Culture - If you worked in the white house what would you do differently?

Marvieon - I would make America Great.... For once.

Hyphy Culture - Do you party? If so then where?

Marvieon - Not too often but when I do it’s either with family or my girls. I like to attend Bay Area events, usually trapxart.

Hyphy Culture - How sexual are you on a scale from 1-10 ?

Marvieon - I’m a lady so you’ll never catch me speaking on that to the world.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite entertainer?

Marvieon - Chris Brown, he puts on an amazing show and is good at everything he does.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite clothing?

Marvieon - Hustle Like The 80’s clothing brand by Chalie Hustle. ig: @shophlt80s

Hyphy Culture - Favorite App or Website?

Marvieon - Twitter keeps me laughing.

Hyphy Culture - Last movie you saw?

Marvieon - Mo’ Better Blues by Spike Lee

Hyphy Culture - Favorite book?

Marvieon - I don’t have a favorite but I am currently reading, "Do You" by Russel Simmons.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite video game?

Marvieon - I don’t play video games but I used to love the Simpsons, Sims, Ready to Rumble, Mario Cart, and GTA.

Hyphy Culture - Dream occupation:

Marvieon - My dream occupation is to become a Registered Nurse working in the Labor & Delivery department.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite place to shop:

Marvieon - Target and Prettylittlething

Hyphy Culture - Favorite thing to eat:

Marvieon - Loaded baked potatoes or Chips Ahoy cookies with milk

Hyphy Culture - Favorite thing to do on your spare time:

Marvieon - I like to dance, listen to music, paint, write, and spend time with people I love.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite Movie:

Marvieon - ONE of my favorite movies is Drop Dead Fread.

Hyphy Culture - Favorite drink:

Marvieon - Sweet Tea

Hyphy Culture - Biggest lesson learned:

Marvieon - My biggest lesson learned is to never short myself.

Hyphy Culture - Any piercings or tattoos? If so where?

Marvieon - I have 8 piercings, (5) Ears (2) Nose (1) Belly . I only have 1 tattoo on my arm.

Hyphy Culture - Most attractive man in the world:

Marvieon - There’s too many to chose just one.

Hyphy Culture - Least attractive man in the world:

Marvieon - Welvin, ”Got Eeem!”

Hyphy Culture - What artists are in your playlist?

Marvieon - Brent Faiyaz, Summer Walker, Chalie Hustle, LS & Aspire, Girlnxdoor, Chris Brown, Goldie, D’Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Alina Baraz, Masego, Music Soulchild, Mac Dre, Rod Wave, Lil baby & Gunna, Drake, Tupac, SWV, H.E.R, Anita Baker and more.

Hyphy Culture - Why do you love Hyphy Culture?

Marvieon - I love Hyphy Culture because it is a sense of identity, it’s a bond that connects so many of us, it’s like a love language. Growing up being the only girl in the household with my older brother and cousin, the hyphy movement was just a way that we vibe together. Sitting in my granny room rapping Mac Dre together, giggin to Husalah, celebrating a victory to The Federation- Hyphy song after winning a pop warner football / cheer game etc. Hyphy culture is apart of my childhood and is something that will live on and forever be a Bay thing you feel me?

Hyphy Culture - What's your favorite sports team?

Marvieon - I don’t have a favorite team but I represent the Warriors.

Hyphy Culture - Who is your favorite player on that sports team?

Marvieon - Curry

Hyphy Culture - Any words to your fans?

Marvieon - To my supporters I am so humbled by you all ! In the beginning I didn’t even know I was being looked at in such a way. Then I started to realize that there are people who’s really paying attention to my talents, crafts and vision. It’s a heart warming feeling to know that my presence and energy is loved by so many and I am very appreciative of everyone who shows me love. Love yourself whole heartedly, never be afraid to be different & Fitin4whaaaat! ( Be on the look out for more YouTube videos, Photoshoots, and my clothing relaunch ! )


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